Poppy Court Willenhall, Coventry

The Weavers’ Workshop were invited to Poppy Court in Willenhall last Tuesday (July 9th) – it is a sheltered housing complex for over 55’s which puts on activities for residents to suit a range of needs.
Not sure what to expect we took along sticks and peg looms and invited The Bigger Weave tapestry project to join us as part of its ongoing tour of Coventry’s communities.
What a good time was had by all – with Violet, Margaret, Rose, and Karen setting to on the peg looms and sticks to produce a series of woven pieces they could enjoy in their rooms – all ably supported by Sandra, Beryl and Sara.
Rose purchased a set of sticks in order to make flowers for the blanket squares she is knitting. She proudly showed us her intricately knitted cardigans – too warm to wear now but gorgeously comfortable when the colder weather comes.
The Bigger Weave meantime offered an opportunity for residents Pat, Madge, Elsie, Carol, Breda and co-ordinator Kymme to contribute to the developing Coventry skyline – engaging in simple tapestry weaving techniques under the able guidance of Diane and Dasi. The tapestry is making good progress and residents were delighted to add their own little piece of weaving to the whole.
Carol’s pom pom blankets made on a simple wooden frame with nails were lovely and unusual – she was also a fan of the lucet and had some interesting samples of braid work she had done.
Conversation and ideas flowed as smells of lunch percolated through the dining room – all agreed it was an inspired morning filled with crafty ideas and companionship.
N.B. The Bigger Weave Project is jointly funded by Coventry Umbrella Club and Coventry City of Culture Trust ‘The Road to 2021’ Fund.

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