Banner making to celebrate 100years of women’s suffrage

Banner making and parading through the streets of London on 10th June 2018

The Weavers’ Workshop were invited to take part in a group banner-making session as part of celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage. A number of making sessions took place at the Oasis cafe, the Foleshill Women’s Training Centre and at Eaton House where participants stitched pansies in the style and colours of the suffragette movement, green, purple and white. To these we added the names of people who inspired us – both men and women and then attached them to a printed graffiti wall, stitched with words relevant to women’s fight for the vote such as justice and equality, along with a the striking image of a suffragette.
A group of us involved in the banner making, including weavers Janet and Sara, travelled down to London on 10th June to join tens of thousands of other women marching from Marble Arch to the Houses of Parliament to mark the extraordinary battle by the suffragists and suffragettes for the women’s vote, finally achieved in 1918. The day of the march was remarkable for the fellowship, atmosphere and sheer numbers involved from across the UK. There were many glorious banners on show including our own, demonstrating the importance and value women attach to their right to vote and it was a privilege to be part of this historic moment. The banner project was ably led by Anne Forgan and Mindy Chillery of ArtSpace and the weavers were pleased to be able to contribute and be part of a conversation about what the vote means to us.