Happy New Year

The Workshop is open again, Monday 10-12.30 and Thursday 10-12.30

Here are the dates for the Weavers’ House Open Days 2018
Saturday 14 April
Sunday 6 May Heritage Crafts Day
Saturday 16 June
Sunday 22 July Tudor Games Day
Saturday 18 August
Heritage Open Days, from 10 – 4pm
Saturday 15 September and Sunday 16 September

Suggested latest entry time is 3.30pm.

Please note that there is no entry to the solar (upstairs room containing the loom) on Heritage Open Days

45 plus 5 Hats made by the Weavers – Well done !

For our Christmas project, we made 45 hats to be donated to Carriers of Hope. Ingrid kindly donated an extra five. The hats were for the young and old in a variety of colours and styles. The yarn was kindly paid for by the Bethel Church, Coventry.

Ingrid went along to Carriers of Hope yesterday and presented the hats. They were very appreciative, thanked us profusely and send greetings and best wishes to Weaver’s Workshop.
Founder and chair of Carriers of Hope, Coventry Sue Sampson is accepting the box of hats in the first photo.