Two more works of art from Ingrid

A wonderful baby’s blanket/playmat. We love the woven hearts and the vibrant colours

In Ingrid’s words,
“The brown rug is woven on the twining loom. This time I used fabric for the warp as well as the weft. It’s a combination of twining (which is a different style of weaving) and ‘traditional’ weaving, if you look closely the warp is visible in the woven sections and is particularly noticeable contrasting the light coloured weft.
Combining twining and weaving gives a lovely effect and greater stability. The tassels are made from fabric for a more rustic look.”

Anne-Marie has been busy this weekend and isn’t this fabulous?

“My first rag rug on a rigid heddle loom. Thanks to Ingrid Grana I learned how to warp a 60cm rigid heddle loom for weaving a rag rug. This loom belonged to Margaret previously so it was special as she introduced me to the Weavers’ Workshop two years ago. I went home nervously, not exactly confident on how to go about it but Ingrid gave me some great points to consider and I got started. The warp was done with gardening twine and the weft was fabric strips obtained from She gets fabric ends from mills across the UK and Europe which is wonderful for chunky knits and weaving. My rug wove up in two days and it was such a joy and anticipation to remove it from the loom and to complete the fringes. I am ever so chuffed with my rug, thanks to Ingrid and everyone at the Weavers’ Workshop for their encouragement and support!”

10th Anniversary Celebrations for the Weavers House

Tomorrow – 29th July 11 am till 4 pm
Please join us for our Anniversary celebrations!

The Weaver’s House is a special place to visit in Spon End, Coventry. It is a medieval house and garden that has been restored to show how John Croke, the Weaver, would have lived in 1540. There will be weaving and spinning demonstrations, talks and tours about the house and garden, and hands-on activities too. Tea, coffee, squash and cake will be available in our pop-up cafe!

Suitable for all ages and free to visit!